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Pre-Purchase Veterinary Examination

International Equestrian Services advise for your emotional and financial protection you take instructions from your veterinarian to the extent and detail required from a pre-purchase examination.  Insurances companies may require further examination information, please contact the insurance company for clarification.


  • Determine if there are any limitations in health or soundness that preclude the horse from preforming its anticipated purpose 
  • Gain insight of any disease, previous injuries or pre-existing abnormalities that may limit the use of the horse in the future

German pre-inspection examinations are carried out in accordance with the guidelines issued by the German Equine Veterinary Association (GEVA).  The following x-rays may be advisable:

  • all four fetlocks, lateromedial view (incl. pastern and coffin joint)
  • toes, lateral view, fore and hind
  • navicular bone (navicular disease), both fore
  • hocks two views (45° and 135°)
  • stifles, lateromedial view front feet 

Additional x-rays or tests can be carried out upon your request or your veterinarian’s instructions.

Consider for a blood sample to be taken, stored for an agreed period. If concerns arise after purchase, tests for substances that may have masked undeclared conditions or behavioural tendencies can be carried out.

International Equestrian Services are able to recommend a choice of English speaking, renowned equine veterinarians or clinics throughout Germany to you.

Contact will then be made with the suitably qualified local equine veterinarians or horse clinics for you to choose who you would wish to engage to proceed in accordance with your veterinarian’s instructions.

Following this comprehensive examination, the veterinarian will complete the assessment to form an opinion as to whether any of their findings may have an adverse effect on the suitability of the horse.  They will discuss and provide electronic copies of their findings with your own veterinarian and you.

Of course you are more than welcome to engage the services of your own veterinarian to carry out the pre-purchase examination.

In case of any doubts, we recommend to consult an additional veterinarian to get a second opinion.

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