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Personalised tour package

In the search for your ideal horse you will probably need to visit a number of stables.  International Equestrian Services will help you arrange your trip to meet your travel requirements.  The trip will be arranged around the organised horse viewings.  Time permitting, we can also include sightseeing, shopping or attending an event making the trip attractive to the whole family.  More importantly, this will give you time to relax and reflect on the horses you have seen.  

Our personalised tour package is designed to free you of time consuming planning and logistical organisation in finding your dream horse, combined with the security of a German speaking guide to ensure your trip is managed in a professional manner throughout making it a relaxed and enjoyable experience.  

Being English and German native speakers we overcome language and cultural hurdles to ensure our customers are afforded complete information and communication without misunderstandings, which is vital to make the right decision.

A stress free personalised tour package for the viewing of your selected horses will include:

  • Clarification of requirements
  • Booking the viewing appointments at the stables
  • Discuss your travel needs taking into account stable appointment times, travel times and any tourism activities you may wish to include
  • Hotels and restaurants options and arranging bookings
  • Provide a detailed schedule designed around your requirements, documenting all your activities as discussed
  • Support from your Interpreter/tour guide throughout your tour
  • If required, arranging the service of an independent suitable purchase advisor of your choice
  • Video and photo service of the assessment of the horses
  • Coordinating of veterinarian examinations and legal options
  • Help and support throughout the purchase process, including horse transportation

Depending on the scope of your journey, we will give you a pricing, considering the following:

  • Number of days, accommodation for tour guide,
  • Travel expenses throughout Germany: rental car, flight, rail, etc.
  • Any activities you request the tour guide to be included in, restaurants, tickets to events, etc.

International Equestrian Services pride ourselves on our flexibility to provide a service to accommodate your tour requirements. Together with our partners and network of exceptional contacts we will work with you to achieve your aspiration in owning your dream horse.

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