two yearlings on individual transport


Please also read more in 'Buying Process' and in 'Partners, Transport' 

If you wish to transport your new horse yourself, we will guide you through the process (Germany to UK only). Providing you with a route planner for your journey and if required advising on overnight stabling for your horse on the journey (if required) plus accommodation for yourself.  Within Europe we can help with the required documents.

Working with shipping agencies and transport companies, buyers can have a quick single transport of their horse, or a more cost effective method can be arranged for their horse to travel with others.  Being herd animals, most horses will feel more comfortable travelling with other horses.  This may take a few days longer.  All renowned horse transport companies have agreements with yards along the way to stable the horses overnight.

Transportation companies usually also allow for tack (saddles, bridles, grooming kits, rugs etc.) to travel with each horse (within Europe, not overseas)

To overseas destinations, the horses are flown, the shipping agencies arrange for all customs documents.  In cooperation with the shipping agencies, we usually arrange for vetting and a government veterinarian certificate, or the shipping agency can take care of it.

Overseas sales (from Germany) require to be managed between all parties which is our task.  We will support a sale from start to finish, until the horse will have arrived at its destination.

According to your requirements, we will obtain quotations and details for you, liaising with the transport companies for competitive quotations.

Documentation required for transport from Germany to the UK:

  • Up to date horse passport with full vaccination history and all required vaccinations.  In Germany, flu vaccinations are usually given twice a year (required for competitions), herpes, tetanus and rabies.
  • A German government veterinarian has to see the horse, declare fit to travel and issue a health certification.
  • This certification is valid for ten days.  Within this time, the journey needs to be completed, otherwise the horse has to be seen by the government vet again.  The journey has to begin within 48 hours from the vet signing the health certificate.

For overseas transport:

  • the above are required and
  • customs documents
  • pre-examinations (blood checks, swab tests if mares or stallions are shipped)

The pre-checks are usually organised by us, all overseas documents, customs, aifreight documentes etc. are handled by the shipping agencies.


If you are considering transporting your horse via the Eurotunnel yourself, please be aware of the following and re-check directly on the Eurotunnel website for up to date information: 

Horses must travel in a horse transporter of the appropriate standard. The ventilation system must be capable of ensuring even distribution throughout with a minimum airflow of nominal capacity of 60 m3/h/KN of payload. It must be capable of operating for at least 4 hours, independently of the vehicle engine. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle can only accept vehicles in possession of a valid Road Vehicle & Container Certificate (or equivalent issued by other member states) providing evidence that the vehicle has been approved under article 18 (2) of Council Regulation EC 1/2005 or documentation from the vehicle manufacturer confirming the capacity of the ventilation system.  Horses or ponies travelling from France to the UK may travel on their equine passports only. 

Horses or ponies starting their journey in any country other than France MUST be accompanied in addition by a Health Certificate.

Health Certificates are ONLY valid for 10 days from the date of vet’s signature (and can only be signed within 48 hrs of departure).  Horses and ponies may return to the originating country on the same health certificate providing it is within 10 days of the vet’s signature (day 1 being the day it was signed).

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