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Our free consultation process is the first step to finding the perfect horse for your aspirations plus matching the character of the horse for your dream relationship.  We understand that your horse will become an emotional part of your life and should have the potential to grow with you in capability and enjoyment.

When establishing the requirements of your horse, we ask you to consider the following:

About the rider(s)

The present:

  • Who will ride the horse?
  • If you have limited time, who can help with your horse?
  • What level is/are the main rider(s) currently?
  • What kind of horse would you and if required all other riders be able to handle?
  • Do you need rather a competition or family horse or a bit of both? – What are the priorities?
  • Following the above: What level does the horse need to be at, which discipline(s)?
  • If needed, do you have professional help at hand (especially if you buy a younger or less trained horse)?
  • Any other requirements, e.g. does the horse need to be experienced outdoors for hacking?

The future:

  • What are your medium / long term ambitions?
  • How do you want to achieve them?
  • Do you have a good trainer?
  • Do you have suitable facilities at the yard for your ambitions?

About the horse
following the above considerations, you need to think about:

  • Type of horse / breed
  • Capabilities or potential for what discipline(s)?
  • Age and training level
  • Character and temperament you are looking for
  • Any other important aspects (e.g. good to hack)?

It is important that a horse is suitable to your capabilities.  Do not try and match yourself to the horse.  If you choose a horse that requires more than your current experience, for example a young horse, make sure you have professional help.  Be realistic and fair on yourself AND the horse and you will enjoy so much more fun together.

Budgets to be considered

  • Cost of horse
  • Travel costs and possible accommodation
  • Veterinarian examination
  • Purchase Advice, if third party is required to assess the potential horse
  • Transportion, documentation and insurance
  • On-going costs of keeping the horse (incl. livery, vet, farrier, insurance, tack...


Purchase Advice

As the buyer has to make the final decision on the horse, we thought it helpful, especially for first-time buyers to provide you with some “pre-considerations” on the “Requirements” page.  Although you will always need a final ‘gut feeling’, some rational thoughts will help you make the right long-term decision.

At International Equestrian Services, we will take you through a scoping and free consultation to be able to source the relevant horses.  We will not give you final advice on a particular horse, the decision is yours.

Depending on how active you are or want to be in terms of competing, we suggest you consider the involvement of your trainer who may know you best.  After all, you will work as a team in meeting your ambitions.  

If you would like a professional third party though to assess your potential horse, we can help organise a qualified rider.  Together with the State Stud, we have an extensive network including Olympic or Grand Prix riders and trainers throughout Germany and the UK. 

As a general rule, the assessment rider should be above yours and the potential horse’s level.  It is imperative that the assessor is capable to assess the current capabilities and provide an indication of the future potential of your horse. 

We will find the right level of assessor for your requirements and the most cost effective method of assessing the horse, discussing your options with you throughout. 

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