We will help you buying your personal winner (photo M Schreiner)

Buying Process

Buying a horse is an exciting time.  Our services are designed to make your life easy and to allow you to make the most of the experience.  To ensure you are in control of your options, International Equestrian Services will provide you with friendly professional support and advice.  The decision on purchasing a horse is yours we will not influence this in anyway.

Being English and German native speakers we overcome language and cultural hurdles to ensure our customers are afforded complete information and communication without misunderstandings, which is vital to make the right decision.

If the buyer wishes, we can arrange for the viewing of the chosen horse or horses.  
We can organise a trip, including accommodation, transport and if desired with some other points of interest to make a journey exciting for the whole family.  
Upon request and on individual agreement, we can accompany the buyer on the trip.

Once the decision is made for the purchase of a horse, we will accompany the purchase until the horse arrives at its destination.

We are highly experienced in international business, not only with horses.  We are able to draft the purchase agreement, taking individual agreements between buyer and seller into account and matching them with the respective country's export/import requirements to ensure the highest possible security for buyer and seller.

We always remain in close contact with all parties involved and manage the process actively. Customers have confirmed that they have felt reassured and comfortable throughout all transactions - from the buying decision to the arrival of the horse(s).

The buying process - example purchase within the EU

  • After pre-selection, horses can be viewed by the buyer or if preferred assessed by videos only 
  • Details will be discussed, such as pricing, scope of vetting (if required), timelines
  • Based on the above, we will draft purchase agreement and send the parties to sign - subject to vetting if requested
  • We can arrange for the veterinary check and assessment as required
  • Once the buyer is satisfied, monies need to be transferred in return for a separate ownership certificate (if one had been issued)
  • Transport and government veterinarian for transport certificate need to be arranged, which we can do in agreement with all parties

The buying process - Example purchase overseas, USA

  • In addition to the above, pre-export checks are necessary
    • blood checks
    • swab test for mares and stallions from the age of 2 years
    • bloods and swabs can be taken by the local veterinarian to be sent to a recognised laboratory 
  • Sometimes a buyer may wish to geld a stallion before importing to avoid stallion quarantine. We can arrange for surgery in agreement with all parties
  • We will draft the purchase contract taking all requirements and agreements between buyer and seller into account
  • We can organise and liaise with the shipping agency and any other required party to ensure a smooth experience for buyer and seller

We are very committed and understand that especially an overseas purchase can be a big step for both buyer and seller AND the horse(s).

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