We will help you buying your personal winner (photo M Schreiner)

Buying Process

Buying a horse is an exciting time. Our services are designed to make your life easy and to allow you to make the most of the experience.

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Find your no. 1 (photo International Equestrian Services)


Our free consultation process is the first step to finding the perfect horse for your aspirations plus matching the character of the horse for your dream relationship.

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two yearlings on individual transport


Working with shipping agencies and transport companies, buyers can have a quick single transport of their horse, or a more cost effective method can be arranged for their horse to travel with others.

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Stuttgart Airport

Travel Planning

In the search for your ideal horse you will probably need to visit a number of stables. International Equestrian Services will help you arrange your trip to meet your travel requirements.

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vet check


International Equestrian Services advise for your emotional and financial protection you take instructions from your veterinarian to the extent and detail required from a pre-purchase examination.

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