'Belissimo M' (photo Tanja Becker)


The list of warmblood stallions is available here (showing pedigrees, photos and youtube videos).  Schwaiganger State Stud has their own and external top stallions on offer for breeding for dressage, show-jumping, eventing and driving. 

Renowned bloodlines include famous names such as “Donnerhall”, “Jazz”, “Cassini”, “Landgraf”, “Quidam de Revel” and so many more. Upcoming stallions, for example “Belissimo M” impress with large movements. Schwaiganger's Grand Prix stallion "Rivero II" is currently available at Marbach State Stud.

“Feiner Fürst”s sire “Fürstenball” has achieved a dressage breeding index of 170 making him the most successful dressage breeding stallion of the younger generation in Germany – and there are many more exciting stallions available via Schwaiganger.

With all these exciting stallions and Schwaiganger’s own brood mares, the stud provides promising competition and attractive for pleasure horses for sale every year.  Schwaiganger’s youngsters experience an excellent nursery and are reared, trained and cared for with professionalism and affection.  This demonstrates in performance and character making these horses outstanding partners for competition and for pleasure.

Thoroughbred stallions for breeding are also available at Schwaiganger State Stud.

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