About Schwaiganger State Stud

Like all the German State Studs, Schwaiganger is committed to supporting the German Sport Horse breeding and preserving old and local special breeds.

They are a centre of competence in the equine world providing recognised apprenticeships and access to horses and riding for the public.

Schwaiganger's horses are reared and trained following the 'classic guidelines'.  All horses are turned out into the vast fields around the stud.  They received excellent training, in their disciplines and in daily handling, which makes them outstanding sport and for pleasure partners.

The young horses grow up in groups of peers on vast fields, which is so important for their health and behaviour later on.

Schwaiganger also provides horses for the Police, which underlines the outstanding reliability of the stud's horses.

Some key facts about Schwaiganger State Stud:

  • Located about 40 miles south of Munich on the doorstep of the Alps, 700m above sea level and surrounded by beautiful lakes
  • The stud owns more than 2,000 acres of land
  • About 40 foals are born at the stud each year, additional foals will be bought and added to the herds of young horses
  • On offer for breeding are a good number of excellent stallions:
    • Warmbloods (disciplines: dressage, show-jumping, eventing and driving)
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Haflinger
    • South German Heavy Horses
  • Around 40 regular staff, 8 apprentices
  • Education and seminars for farriers and many more horse related topics
  • Recognised apprenticeship provider in the equine industry
  • Exciting events all year including stallion presentation, stud show, various tournaments

Visitors and tourists are always welcome.

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