Schwaiganger State Stud

The concept of Schwaiganger State Stud is to provide high quality modern sporting horses with emphasis on the wellbeing of their horses, quality and to maintaining the heritage of the Stud, while advancing with modern facilities, insights and techniques.  Local and special horse breeds are included in their conservation programmes.  

There are a further nine government owned studs in Germany.  Schwaiganger is one of four State Studs that own large groups of mares and breed, rear, train and sell their own horses.  Schwaiganger is located in South Germany and is governed by the State’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The State Studs are centres of competence and research for any equine related topics providing a variety of services, training, education and certified apprenticeships.  They carry out stallion and mare licensing for studbook registration and offer a large choice of stallions to breeders with professional advice.

Schwaiganger State Stud - main building

About Schwaiganger State Stud

Centuries of experience in horse breeding, rearing and keeping

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Haflinger at Schwaiganger


Find out more about the little 'beautiful blondes' at Schwaiganger State Stud

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'Solero' (photo C Becker)

Heavy Horses

Schwaiganger is also home to the charming South German Heavy Horses

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'Belissimo M' (photo Tanja Becker)


Excellent stallions for breeding are on offer for dressage, show-jumping, eventing and driving horses

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