International Transport -


Our Service Partners

It is of course the buyer's choice which transport company they wish to use to move their horse to its new home.
We liaise and work with all renowend freighters as per client's request.

Our recommendation for overseas transports is our partner PEDEN Bloodstock GmbH, International Shipping Agents. PEDEN Bloodstock are based in Germany with a subsidiary in the UK.  PEDEN work with local agents and partners around the world, for example in America and other countries.  These agents know the local requirements best and take care of the legal paperwork in their countries. The agents are the ideal contacts for the buyers, as they can be reached at local times and at local phone charges. Our and our clients' experience working with PEDEN has been excellent.

For horse transports into Russia, we recommend HorseExpress LLC, Moscow (
They are able to cover the whole of Russia, from West to far East. They always find solutions even for the most unusual situations. They are very knowledgeable and experienced with horses. Their personal commitment is outstanding, making sure that the horses arrive in top condition even after long road trips. They are very responsive and keep everybody closely in the loop with photos and messages as to where and how the horses are.
HorseExpress also provide excellent stabling facilities in Moscow for longer stays and of course for the short breaks en route.