Hunter by Quadrofino - Quaterback

High demand for Hunters in the US

High demand for German horses in the US for Hunter or Equitation

We experience increasing demand and have been able to sell a good number of horses from private owners and large studs to the US.

What are the criteria for good hunters?
In the end, it is as always a matter of personal liking, but in brief, a hunter needs to be nice looking (face, conformation), tall and move nicely, with big strides "out of the shoulder".
Hence hunters are not limited to horses with a show-jumping pedigree, but good dressage horses, that can jump well enough are very sought after, too.
Hunters need to show a nice, steady canter, with easy lead changes (flying changes).

Equitation is a discipline for junior riders. Hence the horse needs to be very safe and reliable, including water jumps. The style is a bit closer to show-jumping. A nice looking, reliable horse with a comfortable canter and easy changes will have good chances for Equitation.

If you are looking for a hunter or equitation horse or if you are looking to sell one, please contact us.


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