Exciting new stallion at Marbach State Stud


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New arrival at Marbach State Stud: Thoroughbred stallion SILVERY MOON xx

“The fastest piebald in the world” is starting his new career as breeding stallion at Marbach

Marbach, 13/11/2017 (HuL Marbach/).

He is a famous superstar. A new racing yard was founded especially for him. He has his own Facebook page with over 10,000 followers. His fans have been celebrating him each time he appeared at any racecourse in Germany. We are talking about SILVERY MOON xx, the “fastest piebald in the world”. The English Thoroughbred stallion with his unique colouring finished his successful racing career in September and will now start his second career as a breeding stallion at Marbach State Stud. “For many years, admirers of special colour variations amongst the breeders of various horse breeds, have been wishing for a piebald stallion at Marbach”, says Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck, Head of Marbach State Stud, “with the English Thoroughbred SILVERY MOON xx, a performance-tested stallion in horse racing, we can fulfil almost all those breeders wishes”. After his arrival at Marbach State Stud on the 13th November 2017, SILVERY MOON xx will be tested for breeding suitability and will be prepared for his new role as stud stallion. In the breeding season 2018 starting in February, SILVERY MOON xx shall be available for live cover at Marbach stud. He will be looked after by the breeding stable master Helmut Waidmann and the stud’s veterinarian Dr Yvonne Zander.

The stud fee for 2018 is EUR 400.     


Winning race horse throughout five racing seasons

SILVERY MOON xx was born in 2011 at Andell-Stud in the UK, breeder Mette Campbell-Andenaes. Following the renowned yearling auction in Deauville, France, SILVERY MOON xx went into training with Mario Hofer at Krefeld, Germany. Whilst in the ownership of Paint Horse Stables, the bay piebald started at 48 races in five seasons. He achieved five wins and 18 placements, winning a total of EUR 41,950. His highest handicap rating was 82kg, which fulfilled the performance test requirements for sport horse breeding. A placement at the two-year-old trophy in Cologne, a listed race, provided him with the desirable “black type” in catalogues. His experienced trainer Mario Hofer describes him as straightforward, with best traits: “SILVERY MOON xx is always willing to perform and healthy. In training, he also masters jumps with talent and skill”. The willingness to perform and the hardness also shows in his ancestry: across four generations, each horse raced, has had more than 20 starts.


Best bloodlines: SILVERY MOON xx has a strong performance pedigree

SILVERY MOON’s sire is the bay piebald stallion I Was Framed xx (USA), whose mainly American bloodlines go back via Halo xx (the leading stallion in 1983 and 1989 in North America) and further via Nearco xx, Pharos xx, Phalaris xx, Bend Or xx and Eclipse xx, back to the stallion line of Darley Arabian. SILVERY MOON’s dam, Artzola xx was bred in Ireland. Her sire Alzao xx (USA) is also sire to 100 Stakes-winners and for example dam sire to Deep Impact xx, who was “Horse of the Year” in Japan. The dam’s pedigree includes predominantly American and English-Irish bloodlines and is assigned to the Thoroughbred pedigree 11, of which recently successful race horses and stud stallions descended, such as Sagami xx, Cacique xx, Champs Elysees xx, Youmzain xx and Pilsudski xx. The family of the foundation mare Sedbury Royal Mare is only rarely found in Germany, but still present via the numerous-times Champion, also successful warmblood sire Acatenango xx and sire to the successful Marbach stud stallion ITUANGO xx.

In SILVERY MOON’s pedigree, the bloodline of the Champion Northern Dancer xx in the fifth and fourth generation stands out in particular. The significant stallion Nearco xx is found twelve times in the pedigree and his sire Pharos xx is included 15 times in the pedigree.

Marbach State Stud has achieved a leading role in the provision of breeding enhancing stallions in recent years. Stallions such as STAN THE MAN xx, sire to the most successful eventing horse of all times, Sam, ITUANGO xx, sire to the Triple-Crown winner Rocana (both with their rider Michael Jung) as well as a current offer of numerous successful Anglo-Arabians, Trakehner, English and Arabian Thoroughbreds underlines the focus on precious, noble bloodlines for the sport horse breeding.

SILVERY MOON xx is not only an exciting addition to stud’s stallions based on his racing performance and pedigree. He also stands out with his eye-catching and unique colouring. In addition to his athletic potential, his progeny will inherit his beautiful colours.


Geneticly proven: half the number his foals will inherit the piebald colouring

Genetic research in a laboratory at Tübingen (University City), has shown that he possesses the “frame-overo” genes, which give him his unusual looks. According to scientists, this gene type will be passed on to 50% of his progeny. SILVERY MOON xx has the base colour “bay” and carries the predisposition for “black”. He does not carry the “red-gene” meaning he will not produce chestnut coloured foals, even if paired with a chestnut mare. He also carries two copies of the White-Spotting genes (W20), increasing the white in his colouring. All foals that SILVERY MOON xx will produce will carry a copy of the W20-gene variation and will very likely have white markings on their faces or legs. In addition to the colour, SILVERY MOON xx was genetically tested on the potential size of his progeny. Although his size is 164cm (about 16.1hh), he carries to copies of the “normal size” gene-variation, which means his progeny will not be “extra tall”.                                                

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