Black Forest Horses to East Russia

Anything is possible...

Two Black Forest Horses from Marbach State Stud have safely and well arrived at their new home on the Peninsular of Kamtchatka in the very far East of Russia.

The story began when the new owner saw Feiner Wälder's sales add. She specially flew over from Russia to meet Feiner Wälder and Malteser. We spent a few wonderful days together at Marbach State Stud introducing her to the two lovely Black Forest Horses who impressed her on the carriage, with their charming behaviour and not to forget their stunning looks.

With the new owner's determination and organisational skills, and the efforts of everybody involved, the horses made the long journey literally half-way around the world - by road and the last part by ship in a specially re-designed shipping container, with boxes and a walking area.

We are very pleased the horses have arrived safe and sound and their new owner is more than happy with the two Black Forest Horses.

Leovet found it worth writing about the "Black Forest Horses going around the world"


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