Why Marbach State Stud

About Marbach State Stud

All horses bred in Marbach experience unparalleled surrounding, commitment and professional care ensuring a truly privileged start in life.  This is the foundation to the high quality horses they develop into.

With 500 years of continuous horse breeding, rearing and training, Marbach is not only the largest but the oldest of the German State Studs.  Marbach’s experience, professionalism and knowledge ensure the highest standards.

A few more important key facts:

  • Ongoing commitment and investment into quality and standards. Marbach State Stud is Germany's largest apprenticeship provider within the equine industry 
  • Apprenticeships are strictly regulated and certified, leading to recognised qualifications
  • State riding and carriage driving academy as part of the stud offers top quality training and certification on various levels for professionals and amateurs all year round using excellent and highly trained horses
  • Responsible for stallion and mare licensing for studbook registration (around 80 horses per year)
  • Around 85 qualified permanent staff members plus 40 apprentices
  • 24/7 care for all horses
  • Own veterinary service
  • Premium food production (hay, straw) under controlled conditions (no pesticides etc.)
  • Emphasis on the wellbeing of the horse

At Marbach State Stud, the ‘classic guidelines’ are applied for the rearing, keeping and training of horses.  The apprenticeships and education of riders, carriage drivers and horse keepers are equally based on those guidelines combined with modern scientific insights.  Marbach State Stud as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, fulfils its duty as centre of competence working closely with Universities and other scientific partners.  Marbach State Stud has designed a unique Bachelor’s degree for the equine industry.

Marbach's horses are renowned for their excellent temperament, their ride ability, their commitment to work and for being safe and easy to handle (e.g. loading, seeing the vet and farrier etc.).

It all starts with an excelellent nursery and professional rearing.  All horses benefit from  all-round basic training, for example a young dressage horse will learn to do some little jumps and will have been ridden outdoors.

Foals with their mothers, yearlings and young horses grow in a healthy environment within herds of peers.  Developing social skills is as important for a young horse as it is for a child.  Around 250 foals and young horses (own and liveries) are reared in the stud every year.

Turn-out into the large fields located within a UNESCO world heritage biosphere is a given at Marbach for all horses all year round.  The local climate (hot summers and snowy winters) helps ensure the ideal physical development and long-term wellbeing of the horses. 

Many buyers keep their Marbach horse until the end.  To ‘close the circle’ the stud offers a comfortable ‘retirement’ stable for Marbach horses – and as to the stud’s standards with large turnout fields and professional care.

Marbach State Stud offers horses with capabilities for all levels and has produced numerous national and international champions in all disciplines.

In addition to the modern sport horses, Marbach is also famous for its Arabian horses, the local 'Black Forest' heavy horse and the 'old', slightly heavier local warmblood lines.  As further ‘enhancers’ for the warmblood breeding, Marbach keeps English Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabian and Trakehner stallions. 

Marbach also provides the State's police horses - another testimony to the horses' reliability and quality.

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