Training, Education and Centre of Competence -

For Riders, carriage drivers, Breeders, horse keepers and any equine related topics

Training and education in riding, driving and horse keeping are important tasks of a state stud and comprise of the following at Marbach:

  • State Riding and Driving Academies – Training of amateur and professional riders / carriage drivers with recognised certifications – or just for pleasure training
  • Largest provider of licenced apprenticeships on the highest level in the equine industry in Germany
  • Apprenticeships are strictly regulated and certified, leading to nationally recognised qualifications
  • Centre of competence in the state for any equine related matters (breeding, rearing, keeping of horses; riding, driving; agricultural topics)
  • Marbach State Stud designed a Bachelor’s degree in the equine industry in cooperation with a local university
  • Scientific cooperation with numerous universities and other state studs
  • Extensive network in the horse world
  • Rearing and training of foals and young horses based on 500 continuous years of experience with horses
  • Stallion and mare licencing


The State Riding Academy

The riding academy has its own facilities next to the main stud and offers courses all year.  Around 20 well-trained and reliable horses are ‘on duty’ at the riding academy, suitable for all riders from beginners to advanced level – in dressage, show jumping and cross-country. 

Professionals and amateurs can book courses including an exam and a ridden test for various recognised certifications and licences.  But if you would just like to improve your skills and have fun without the pressure of a test, there are plenty of courses on all levels.  All courses are supervised or held directly by the Head of the State Riding Academy or his qualified and experienced staff, based on the ‘Guidelines for riding, driving and horse keeping’ as issued by the FN in Germany (equivalent to the BEF, the British Equestrian Federation).  And of course, the extensive experience at the State Stud offers a great opportunity to learn a lot, even in just a few days.

The State Riding Academy is renowned for its professional staff and excellent horses.  They always find the right amount of motivation to support participants pass certified courses.  They are also very good with anxious riders to help them (re)gain confidence or try something new.     

A typical ‘general course’ (without tests) would comprise of a riding lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon with additional theory lessons.  The level will be adjusted to each participant, if necessary separated in groups and a combination of dressage, jumping and if possible hacking or cross-country lessons. 

Own horses can be brought to the riding academy, subject to prior approval and full vaccinations (including rabies in Germany and usually 6 monthly flu and herpes jabs).  Participants can then either ride their own horses or a riding academy horse for a lesson.  Stable duty for own horses as well as for riding academy horses is usually part of the courses and adds to the ‘all-round’ learning experience.  Turn-out can usually be arranged for private horses during the course time.  


The State Carriage Driving Academy

The driving academy offers certified and for pleasure courses.  Based on the ‘Achenbach system’ of carriage driving, the courses are held or supervised by the Head of the driving academy together with his experienced team.  Courses are offered on all levels, from novice to advanced driver.

The carriage driving lessons – with two or more horses take place in the large show arena of the main stud, on the road to learn all safety aspects and on cross-country and forest lanes.  The courses include theory lessons.  The driving academy has a training room specially equipped with a ‘driving simulator’ where participants learn to handle the driving reins before trying on a real horse and carriage.


Accomodation - Courses

The State Riding and Driving Academy has its own, new-built accommodation with self-catering, particularly suitable for groups of young people.  If more convenience is desired, there are hotels or B&Bs in the area.
For more details on courses, special arrangements, required equipment, terms & conditions please contact us. 

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