Stallions and Mares at Marbach State Stud

Marbach focuses on the following breeds and offers a large number of excellent, licensed stallions for breeding:

  • Warmblood (disciplines dressage, show-jumping, eventing)
  • Black Forest Heavy Horse (local heavy horse, under conservation programme)
  • Arabian Thoroughbred
  • Trakehner
  • English Thoroughbred
  • Anglo-Arabian Thoroughbred
  • Alt Württemberger (Old Württemberg Warmblood, a slightly heavier, old-type warmblood, under conservation scheme)
  • Haflinger

Stallion Licensing
Marbach State Stud carries out around 80 stallion licensing every year for studbook registration in South Germany.

In a 50 days test (previously 70 days) on performance and character the stallions are marked individually on dressage, show-jumping and cross-country.  This is where the young stallions will show in which discipline their main talent lies.  Only a few stallions will show similar top markings in more than one discipline making them suitable breeding stallions for either discipline. 

The average total of all results determines the winner of the annual performance test and licenses each stallion.  Marbach’s own young stallions are licensed at another state stud where they have to be stabled 100 days before the test to ensure fair treatment.

Depending on the test results and own successes, a licensed stallion can be awarded the title ‘elite stallion’.

Marbach State Stud can accommodate for up to 30 external stallions for testing and with 500 years history, modern facilities and highly experienced staff, the candidates are prepared and looked after in the best possible way.

Same as the warmbloods, the Arabian thoroughbred stallions and the heavy horse stallions are licensed in accordance with their breeding goals.  This is to achieve and maintain the desired performance, preserve bloodlines as well as character and temperament traits.  

Mares Certifications
In cooperation with the breeding association, Marbach State Stud offers an annual brood mare certification test.  The test comprises of riding and free jumping as well as an assessment of the overall looks and physics of the mares.  If successful, the mares can officially be registered in the studbooks and depending on the results and own successes receive the titles ‘prime mare’ or ‘state prime mare’.

Finding the right stallion / sire 
If you are looking for a horse or foal, the pedigree certainly plays an important role in finding the matching horse for you.  It is of course only a part of the picture, as every horse will develop its own character and level of capabilities. 

If you are a breeder, we recommend to talk to us representing the State Stud who are renowned experts in horse breeding.  Based on your mare and what you would like to breed, they will be able to give you the right choice to fulfil your dreams of a foal as closely as possible.

If you would like to get an idea though, please find some information on stallions in the sections dressage, show-jumping and eventing.  Please refer to the full list of available stallions at Marbach here

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