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Marbach's Arabian Horses

The Arabian thoroughbred is the oldest purebred horse in the world.  With its origin in the rough Arabian Desert, Bedouins selected horses for breeding based on their stamina, their simple needs and friendly, people oriented character.  Qualities that were important for the survival of man and horse - and still mark the characteristics of the Original Arabian Horse.   

In the early 19th century, the King of Württemberg had the first Original Arabian Horses (the mare line of ‘Murana’ and the stallion line of ‘Bairactar’) imported directly from Egypt into his private stud, which was unique in Europe at the time.  The private stud was later integrated into Marbach State Stud. 

Due to their beauty and purity, the horses were and are still considered to be the noblest horses.  The King’s Arabians were soon used across Europe and to what is Russia today to enhance the warmblood breeding.  The English Thoroughbred for example has its origins from the Arabian horse, selected by race performance.  The stud of Trakehnen, as it was at the time, cross-bred with the King’s Arabian horses to achieve the famous Trakehner as we still know them today.

Marbach State Stud still owns the direct descendants of the first Original Arabian Horses introduced by the King.  It is due to careful and committed breeding, that the ‘silver herd’ as the Arabian mares are still fondly referred to by the locals and the Arabian stallions at Marbach are now the oldest uninterrupted direct bloodlines of Original Arabian Horses worldwide!

Marbach’s Arabians are not bred for ‘showing only’, but the breeding goal has remained the same since the origins of the Original Arabian Horse.  This makes Marbach’s Arabians very sought after horses now, even for customers in the middle East. 

The breeding goal in brief is:

  • A beautiful, noble horse with a dry, correct bone structure
  • Endurance and ability to bear hardship
  • Capable of and committed to high performance
  • Intelligent and people friendly
  • A reliable horse with simple needs

Like all other horses at Marbach State Stud, the Arabian stallions have to be licenced to breed following a performance and character test according to the above breeding goals.  The mares are certified, too and like the stallions are being ridden and some are also trained for driving.  The Arabian foals and young horses, like all other youngsters in Marbach are reared in groups of peers with daily turn-out, which ensures the perfect physical and mental development. 

Besides the Arabian Thoroughbred, the English Thoroughbred, the Anglo-Arabian and the Trakehner are regarded as pure bloodlines, due to little cross-breeding and very selective, defined breeding throughout centuries.  These bloodlines are still crucial to enhance any other warmblood line in the world and improve performance.  For example, one of the world’s best and valuable dressage horse ‘Totilas’ has the Arabian Thoroughbred ‘Fetysz’ four times in his pedigree. 

Arabian horses nowadays compete in Endurance rides, still proving their outstanding stamina and willingness to perform.  As the pictures below show, Arabian horses make beautiful companions in various disciplines, such as dressage or driving.  They are always eager to work and of course, they will happily take you on long cross-country rides.  

The Marbach Arabian Horse remains an 'eye-catcher', a horse with outstanding traits, a horse that loves to ‘have a job’ and be part of the family – as in days of the Bedouins.

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