Stunningly beautiful *March 2017 filly by Vento x Lasse.

Rania is a sweet, charming little girl and everything you could wish for. She is friendly, cuddly, has a positive energy and, as you see on the photos, is great with kids. 

She has inherited her beautiful looks, in particular the lovely face from both her parents.
Rania has nice, bouncy paces and was awarded the "silver foal" title.



The sire Vento is a very sought-after breeding stallion, producing outstanding foals and descending from old precious Black Forest Horse bloodlines.

Rania is the first foal of the State Premium Mare Rhea by Lasse. Certainly, a very promising start of which the breeders deserve to be proud.

Rania will grow into an eye-catching young mare and be a pleasure for the whole family. The breeders are in no rush to sell her, but would rather give her to the right, caring home as she is particularly special to them.