Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful

*2013 beautiful black Hanoverian mare by Londontime x Wenzel II
Height: 168cm / 16.2hh - will make between 170cm - 173cm / 16.3hh
Licensed mare - qualified to apply for State Premium Mare
X-rays available - no issues found
Training Level: Novice

This lovely black mare comes from a highly experienced breeder family business. Their horses grow up as part of the family and are looked after professionally and with great love and care.
She is in the early days of her career, full of potential, the right attitude and a lovely nature.

She enjoyed another summer on the field at the age of 3 allowing her to develop, before she was carefully backed at the age of 4 at a State Stud, where they suggested to present her for mare licensing. She is a licensed mare now and qualified to apply for State Premium Mare - which confirms that she is equipped with 3 excellent gaits, good rideability and generally conforms with the requirements of a future Hanoverian brood mare. She is of good character, a quick learner and willing to perform.

While in training at the State Stud, they decided to shoe her front feet, which she took with no problems at all. She is very friendly, has not had any bad experience and tends to trust people quickly. She is alert, watches and learns but does not lose her head. Overall, very good for her young age.


Sire: Londontime by Londonderry (Hann) - Lauries Crusadors xx X Walt Disney I (Hann) - World Cup (Hann).
Londontime, successful himself on Advanced + Dressage, has produced so far 22 State Premium Mares and nine licensed stallions.
Londontime is a stunning, modern type sport horse with outstanding rideability and large movements, which he has passed on to his many successful descendants.

Dam is the PSG / Inter I Elite Mare "Winesse" by Wenzel II, an old and established Hanoverian bloodline.

What kind of rider does Love is beautiful need?

She is a young horse and as a general rule needs either an experienced rider or a rider with professional support. She is a fine lady and would suit a similar type of rider. She ticks all boxes for the future in terms of potential to move up the ranks and will make an amazing partner for sport and for pleasure.