*2012 liver chestnut Black Forest mare
Height: 155cm / 15.1-15.2hh
Training level: ridden (for pleasure), driven (very early stage)

Leeloo, by Vogt x Montan is a strikingly beautiful young Black Forest mare in the sought after dark chestnut coat with the flaxen mane and tail.

For a Black Forest mare, she is rather tall standing at 155cm / just above 15.1hh, which makes her a particularly exciting riding or showing horse.

What kind of rider does Leeloo need

Leeloo has been given the time to grow and develop and only been backed around the age of 4 and a half years, hence she is not yet a schoolmaster herself. She is used to the outdoors and has been on carriage, but the latter is still rather early stages.

Leeloo, like all young horses, would therefore need a rider with at least some experience or if novice, with some professional support, who can give her the final bit of confidence and train her on a bit further.
Leeloo has a lovely and rather sensitive nature and would prefer a person she can bond with long-term.

With her stunning looks and good size, Leeloo would make a great showing horse or for pleasure partner for the whole family. In dressage she will be able to compete up to elementary level and of course she would be an eye-catching driving horse.

Leeloo is well behaved, knows the farrier etc. and is easy to load and transport.