Gelding by Wildbach

Gelding by Wildbach

"Wälderbub" is a charming young gelding by Wildbach x Modus in the sought-after dark coat.
He is not backed or driven yet, but could be started soon.

He has however learned everything he needs for his age:
He is easy to handle, lead (on head collar and rope) and to tie up for feeding. He knows the farriers (for trimming) and is always nice and friendly.

He has been reared in a large group with other colts and geldings the same age, enjoying large fields and a large stable barn with his friends. He is used to daily handling and is always eager to please.


His sire Wildbach stood out at his performance test with a total mark of 8.63. 
The dam's sire Modus has been awarded the title "elite stallion" based on his outstanding offspring.

What kind of owner does Wälderbub need

As with all young horses, a bit of experience with horses (or possibly with the help of a trainer) is always recommended.
Black Forest Horses are however very easy-going, friendly and also curious and eager to learn. In that sense, they are comparably easy to train up, making reliable but still exciting horses.

With his outstandingly nice nature he will make an amazing family horse and for pleasure partner.
Standing at just a bit above 14.1hh he is on the smaller side of his breed, but he does make up with his friendly, eager character. He will of course grow a little bit more.

(photos: Horst König)