The Company

At International Equestrian Services, we help buyers from all over the world to find horses from renowned studs and breeders in Germany - Sport horses for Dressage, Show-Jumping, Eventing, Hunters / Equitation as well as special breeds, such as Arabian Horses and Black Forest Horses.

Following more than 20 active years within the German horse community, we have developed many good friends and exceptional contacts throughout the German horse community. 

Relocating to the UK, requests for help in finding German horses for friends in the UK naturally progressed to providing professional specialised services and easier access to the market for people wishing to buy good quality German horses.  International Equestrian Services is founded on our love of horses and the believe that there is the matching sport or for pleasure horse of top quality out there for every rider.  Knowing the market, we just have to make the effort and help people find their dream horse.

Being English and German native speakers with decades of international business & marketing experience makes us the ideal partner for equine professionals and studs wishing to expand their business abroad.  Our focus started with translation for websites and marketing material.  Our understanding of the horse world and the cultural differences in particular between Germany and the UK is key not only to translations but also to developing solid working relationships.    

Knowing Marbach State Stud since my childhood, we are particularly proud to be their official UK partner.  We are confident of the sustainable top quality of their horses (from for pleasure to the highest level sport horse). 

We believe in the same values as the German State Studs, their trusted breeders and riders represent:  Professionalism (based on the ‘classic guidelines’ combined with modern scientific insight) with the passion and love for horses. 

A good nursery in particular, professional rearing and training of horses is vital for a successful horse later on – not only in sports, but for a sound health, the right attitude towards people, commitment to work and reliability in any situation. 

Marbach and the other State Studs are renowned for being exceptionally good at rearing horses.  Young horses at the State Stud will receive an all-round training first, which ensures, that for example a dressage horse will be at least able to cross poles and be used to going outdoors for a hack. 

So many other breeders in the world often follow ‘fashion trends’ and neglect these basics, which we have seen causes so many issues later on – physically and mentally.  This is avoidable with the right amount of professionalism and patience.  A well-trained, reliable and healthy horse what we wish for every rider.

We understand the depth of the bond and enjoyment that horse ownership brings. If we can help you in making your dreams come true - and build many happy memories like we have - it would be our privilege to be part of that.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and enjoyable partnership with your horse.