Feedback & References

Every horse purchase is a unique transaction. We don't believe in "standard" procedures and experience has shown us that there are always specific requirements and circumstances to each sale.

customer quotes

"International Equestrian Services, and especially Elke McKay made our dream of acquiring Black Forest draft horses possible. From the beginning, Elke answered all of my questions quickly and carefully. She arranged my meeting of the horses with Marbach Stud and accompanied me, providing valuable English language interpreter help besides guiding me through this horse buying process. Exporting the horses to Russia was a big logistical challenge and Elke provided advise and kept in touch throughout their long journey.  For anyone wanting to buy a horse through IES, I would whole-heartedly recommend them for their knowledge, service, and ability to help the buyer find the right horse."
Martha M. 

"Elke I'd rate you A++. You did a fabulous job with everything. You arranged every detail and made it so easy for me to say yes! Thank you!!"
Briar L.

"Finding the right horse turned out to be a huge challenge for me. I heard so many opinions and well meant advice that it got really confusing for me. Thanks Elke for your honesty and for opening my eyes to what I really need and want. I am extremely happy now and enjoy seeing my lovely horse every day!"
Suzanna L.

"He is lovely to work around and ride.  I am extremely happy with him...Looking forward to working with you again in the future.  Thanks again for everything."
Elizabeth F.



From our customers' feedback - buyers and sellers - we have learnt that some of our key strengths are:

Responsiveness & Communication

We keep buyers and sellers closely informed as to what is happening, give advice, answer questions and are always here for the peace of mind of both, buyers and sellers.
As we are English and German native speakers, communication on both ends is so much better and quicker, enhancing trust and certainty. Most importantly, there are no misunderstandings based language differences and we are able to find the ideal solution for all parties.

Active Management - from start to finish

From the moment we get involved, we actively manage the whole process, as much as each party wishes us to. There are many little steps to be organised and managed with an international sale, for example pre-vet checks, blood tests, quarantine, transport and the legal contracts. We take ownership and responsibility for each sale and make sure all bits and pieces fall into place - from the first enquiry to the arrival of the horse at its new home.
We also care about the horses we sell. We are there for questions and support later on.

Experience & Knowledge

We have many years of experience with horses AND with international business. We understand the challenges, and potential risks in international trade and more importantly how a level of security can be achieved for each party. We are able to draft documents and contracts to each sale, taking specific requirements and circumstances into account.